Xero - no Supplier Statements facility

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I have used many software packages over the years, Sage, Quickbooks, Xero, Moneysoft, Absolute tax, CCH, to name a few.

Something I set up for clients is Xero, if they are wanting to enter their own Sales so that they can bring the payments in and check their debtors figures monthly. Where we then take over to enter the purchases and bank reconcile for VAT returns and accounts etc afterwards.

However, if the client is wanting to enter the full caboodle, I cannot in good conscience recommend Xero. For the simple reason you cannot bring a report for Supplier Statements, where it shows one supplier with just the list of outstanding invoices, so that they can see what needs paying.

If you speak to Xero, they give a red herring reply that you can bring up a 'Contact Transactions Payable Report.' This is only shows you the opening balance the movement during the period and the closing balance. When you click the closing balance (which is what is outstanding), you then get a long list of all the activity entries (even the ones paid) but its not a Supplier Statement.

There is a very old post on Xero Community where people have been repeatedly complaining about this fundamental requirement in a book keeping package, but Xero don't seem to be interested in addressing the issue. 263 people have commented thus far and Xero are very clever in not putting dates, so you can't see just how long the post has been going.

Very poor in my opinion.
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