AAT exemptions for ACCA Oxford Brookes BSc degree

KirstyRoseL Registered, AAT Student Posts: 4
Hi All

I'm about to apply for ACCA after completing Level 4 AAT.
With completing AAT, I can be exempt from the first 3 ACCA exams.
Alongside ACCA, I would have the option to complete the Oxford Brookes BSc degree.
However, it states that I'd have to "Complete all ACCA Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams" and "If you hold exemptions for any of these exams, then you may contact ACCA Connect to forfeit these in order to remain eligible. Once you have forfeited your exemption, you cannot reverse this decision."

Would the AAT exemptions have to be reversed and would I then have to sit the 3 exams I would have gained exemptions for if I were to complete the Oxford Brookes BSc degree?

Is it worth it?
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