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Hi all, I am currently studying the Advanced Diploma Level 3 through E-Careers. Unfortunately due to a heavy workload and some personal issues, I have only managed to take the first exam and now the course is due to expire within the next couple of months. I haven't particularly struggled with the course, I passed the Advanced Bookkeeping with a good result, it's just a time factor thing really. However in order to continue, I will need to extend the course which will cost an additional £300 for 6 months !! Does anyone know of a cheaper or better way to get the support I need or will I just have to pay up ? Thanks for any advice :-)


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    I know with the kaplan books you can access them through their website which also has knowledge checks and a version of mock exams.

    I am with a course provider that doesnt really offer the support I believed I was getting and was advertised. Had I been in this position again I would just buy the kaplan books and use the my kaplan access and the AAT portal as this is what has pretty much got me through level 3 so far. Would have thought osborne books offered a similar access to kaplan
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    Thanks - I have been using the Kaplan & Osborne books and online resource and have found them a lot better than the E-Careers content and although I think I would be ok going it alone without a course provider, I would like the safety net of having tutor support there if I need it. Not sure if AAT provide this in anyway as part of the student membership or if the only help is just within the discussion forums.
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    Hi! It's not necessarily cheap but First Intuition are an amazing provider. There's no course expiry and the tutor support has been fantastic. They're there to help when needed and keep in touch if you've been a little inactive. I believe their online videos are available on youtube as well, which i have been told by others that they're helpful as extra learning alongside your current provider/trainer.
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