To AATQB or to not AATQB

Krisso AATQB, AAT Licensed Bookkeeper Posts: 60
With luck I will by this time next month be through Level 3. I am just waiting for my professional diploma books so I can start the final level amd waiting on the synoptic results.

My question is has anyone passed level 3 and upgraded thier membership to AATQB to offer the 5 services from under that licence while studying for level 4? It doesn't appear on the face of it that it is worth it for the little you can do but I could of course be missing something.

Would be interested to hear from anyone that did do this while studying for level 4 or did you just wait until Level 4 completion and go through the MAAT route?

Also while I am on the level 4 subject, I know there are 2 options you can take and I am thinking on taking business and personal tax. Does anyone know if you can study for a 3rd and just do an individual exam as I do like the forensic option as well.



  • Pian32
    Pian32 MAAT Posts: 471
    For the options you can study and do more of the exams but you won't get extra credit. Your final result will come off the best 2.
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  • Krisso
    Krisso AATQB, AAT Licensed Bookkeeper Posts: 60
    Don't think I am worried about the extra credit but I assume if in the future I want to offer a forensic service then I need to have studied it?
  • NeilH
    NeilH Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 552
    Check with the AAT, but I'm pretty sure if you do an extra option it will show on your record.
  • Krisso
    Krisso AATQB, AAT Licensed Bookkeeper Posts: 60
    Thanks Neil
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