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Just wondering your thoughts - not on what I should do but rather what your experience has been / shown.

I work in industry and my boss is ACCA, therefore there is an opinion to do ACCA to get ahead.
The financial accountant has mentioned they don't use much they learnt during ACCA.
My skills are not growing so I have a choice to continue ACCA or gain more skills working part time somewhere else.

What has your experience been regarding studying beyond Level 4 AAT Vs experience in order to grow your skill set and get ahead more quickly?


  • NeilH
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    I did AAT and then CIMA and have also taught courses across AAT, ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW. I would be one of the first to say that you learn to be an accountant by actually doing the job, however (a big however!) the profession is very qualification orientated and most roles beyond junior ones look for qualification/part-qualification as well as experience - you need both to get on.
  • Lynnramsay355
    Lynnramsay355 Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks Neil, your insight is most helpful and very much appreciated.
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