Can I put an internal invoice on Purchase Ledger to balance the account?

I have a utility account on PL that is in credit, this is a historical issue before my time. As we are now at year end, I have requested a statement balance as at the end of 31.08.21. There account is Nil, Can I put an internal invoice on to balance this account out rather than going back previous years to find the issue. Many thanks


  • Breakdance101
    Breakdance101 MAAT Posts: 4
    I wouldn't put an Invoice on as this would indicate a sale - you would most likely be better off (if the amount is not material) accruing the amount so it sits on the balance sheet rather than your P&L. You can always release the accrual at a later date should a large overspent occur the utility account. Always make sure you can justify your accruals though.
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