Posting of the bank statement to the Cash Book Ledger

Hi, each month we post the bank statement I post these as individual transactions with the date this incurred on the bank statement. However we have taken on a new business as part of the company where the income is all going to the same code, do I still have to post these as 50 individual transactions with the relevant date or can these be posted as one amount and the end of the month date to capture the income in the correct period.


  • Caspar1
    Caspar1 FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 31
    I would worry if all the income was being posted as a block 'one total' figure each month/each sheet. How would anyone be able to see clearly what has gone on in the year, who the debtors are for example etc? If HMRC asked to see records, 3 years down the line, would anyone be able to analyse those figures out from memory? Is there any VAT involved, where invoices are being raised that need 'netting off?'
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