How to store / send client information securely - what works well?

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I was hoping for some general feedback on systems that smaller accountancy firms use for storing client information securely, everyday company documents and also sending information to clients securely?

I was looking at Iris OpenSpace but I would like to know what other methods smaller firms use before I commit.

Email encrypted seems to cause headaches with the clients opening them etc - I am not sure if this is just my clients! I am unsure on Dropbox as the server could be based outside of the EA - does anyone else use dropbox?

I am sure there must be some better options out there!

I would really appreciate hearing the options other people / small firms are using and what works well, thank you for your help in advance.

Many Thanks


  • Krisso
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    I'm just about to sign up to Smart Vault, apart from the over the top marketing contact I have had since i enquired the system looks good and £15 a month I think is reasonable for someone just starting up there own practice like me
  • Bells
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    That sounds interesting, Thank You! I will take a look.
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