Corporation Tax Relief on Goodwill

zephyr Registered Posts: 24 New contributor 🐸
Help would be appreciated. I have a new LTD client where goodwill is showing on the accounts, looking at the previous accountants tax computation goodwill has been allowed as a deduction.

The company incorporated 2006, the goodwill is connected goodwill from the earlier partnership commenced 2004.

From reading up on HMRC I believe the deduction was correct but am unsure if it was correct from April 2019, where the rules changed, and connected goodwill was not allowable.
As the rules had already been satisfied for the previous year- are they still able to claim any goodwill still showing on the accounts? Or does the new rules kick in and no deduction is allowable?

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.


    JPXYZ Registered Posts: 4
    It's on goodwill acquired on or after April 19. Therefore if the goodwill was acquired pre April 19, the ammortisation is still allowable for tax.
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