How many UCAS points would I receive for A level accounting and AAT level 3?

Would they be considered overlapping courses and only give me points for the one which I achieve a higher grade in? I'm asking because I am looking at apprenticeships and a lot of them have a requirement of a certain amount of UCAS points.

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    @jjjjjjj7jjjjjjj — please go here:

    You will see all the calculations here, AAT Pass, Merit, Distinction have different UCAS points, so check the calculator.

    AAT L3 and A-level are both at RQF Level 3 and overlapping in Accounting.

    AAT L4 Professional Diploma in Accounting is not considerd overlapping with A-level, HOWEVER, in real life, most HR departments do not care to look deeply into Level 3 vs Level 4 difference, and might end up considering them overlapping.
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    I went to the UCAS point calculator before but just wasn't sure about the overlapping. Thanks.
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