Should i move on to CIMA after Level 3 AAT

emma8021 Registered Posts: 39 Regular contributor ⭐
Hi All ,

I am after some advice on whether I should move onto the certificate level of Cima or finish off the level 4 AAT (I have completed 2 exams already in level 4) I have taken a break and haven't done any exams or studying since 2019 so now deciding whether to pick AAT back up or just go with CIMA now . Help please !


  • davealucas
    davealucas Registered Posts: 140 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    It is possible, but it is quite a step up. In addition, with the right units, you can get exemptions from some CIMA exams if you complete level 4.
  • NeilH
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    Having done AAT and CIMA and having taught both, I would say that overall AAT level 4 will prepare you better for the operational (and onwards) stage/s of CIMA.
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