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AAT Time for Change: A fairer, more effective tax system

PhilHallAAT Registered, Moderator Posts: 80 mod
This morning, AAT published its ground breaking report “Time for Change: A fairer more effective tax system.”

The report brings together a diverse range of leading thinkers from across the political spectrum to express their views on tax reform under a unifying but broad theme, “a fairer more effective tax system.”

For example, the Conservative Party's Sir John Redwood MP proposes a reduction in Corporation Tax to 15%; Labour's Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Pat McFadden MP, makes the case for a windfall tax on oil and gas; the Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society makes an argument for a broad based food tax and Stephen Herring of the Taxpayers Alliance (and the AAT Tax Panel) recommends the scrapping of Inheritance Tax amongst other things. AAT's new Chief Executive, Sarah Beale, also has an article in the report - proposing that the effectiveness of the tax system would be improved with a period of stability and publication of a clear Government tax strategy.

Whilst few, AAT included, are likely to agree with every reform proposed by such an eclectic mix of contributors, AAT’s primary intention in bringing together a diverse range of opinion formers to express their views on such matters is to stimulate debate and this latest AAT Time for Change report certainly serves its purpose in that respect.

The report can be read in full here.
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