When to renew membership / MAAT?

skandwm15 Registered Posts: 16 New contributor 🐸
Hello, my AAT membership is due to renew in June.
I am hoping to sit my final level 4 exam in April.

I don't know whether I should renew my membership as a student or wait and renew it when I finish the qualification. I don't want to pay the fees twice.
Does anyone know how this works?


  • dcmcguren
    dcmcguren Registered Posts: 7
    You need to have a valid registration in order to sit an AAT exam, so you will need to pay for your registration fees before sitting your final exam.

    If you pass your level 4 and become a full member after the expiration date, AAT will upgrade your membership on a pro-rata basis or cancel your student membership to issue a refund and charge you the full fee for the membership. In order words, you wont pay twice.

    If in doubt, their membership support email is quite useful for clarifying these things and I would urge you to get in touch directly.

    It is also worth noting that, if you went on to do a different, higher-level course (like CIMA or ACCA, etc) then you will be entitled to apply for a reduced fee but if you are simply upgrading at the end of your course, then the above principle would work and support are there to help you along the way ;)
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