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doctorpudge Just JoinedSwindonRegistered, MAAT, AATQB, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 4
I have just become a licensed member, however as I was only thinking about being a very small practice, I didn't get a continuity of Practice set up, but now I think that only 6 clients is very restrictive!

I was wondering how it goes about finding someone? I have thought about contacting other MIPs in the local area, but this feels a bit unsolicited.

Does anyone have any tips? Or is anyone here able to assist? I am happy to have a reciprocal arrangement.

Many thanks,

Daniel Coles


  • lizpeeling
    lizpeeling Registered Posts: 3
    Hi Daniel, did you get sorted as I'm looking as well. thankyou liz
  • doctorpudge
    doctorpudge Just Joined SwindonRegistered, MAAT, AATQB, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 4
    Hi Liz,
    So far I've not found anyone.
    I am happy to be your continuity of practice if you are happy to be mine?
    Please let me know :)
    Many thanks,
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