Commercial vehicle on personal name used for business only

Tanmaya WatfordRegistered Posts: 1
Hi, I have a commercial vehicle on hire purchase under my personal name. I also have a limited company for courier business.

I would like to claim the cost of hire purchase, interest payment, insurance ( all three under my personal name) and fuel expenses from my business.

I must mention that the van is solely used for business use and it is phisically impractical to use the van for personal use due to the size and make of the van. That is 3.5t lotun box van.

I have heard two very broad answers from accountants that I have visited. One of them that I currently use is saying I can only claim mileage expense from the business. The other two are saying I can claim the expenses I mentioned above as a reimbursement.

I am not sure which is true and which lacks the knowledge now.

I was hoping I could get some light on this by asking this here.
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