VAT cancellation

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I have a client who I typically do his SA, however, this year he decided to try a job at Royal Mail, and they advised him and told him that he needed to register as an LTD and for VAT which apparently they did it for him.

1 month down the line and he doesn't like the job and wants to leave, so therefore no poin on keeping the LTD open nor registered for VAT, in regards to the closing of the LTD I told him I won't do it as I don't have any experience and I am still on my second L4 exam and suggested him to go to the people who registered him to deal with this.

However, the VAT bit, I thought, well I may be able to sort this out, not my typical experience as I am used to submit VAT returns or apply for it not deregister and specially with this sort of time frame like 1 month acitvity. So my doubts are:

1 - Would I need to simply do all the bookkeeping for the period of acitvity, and submit the first and last VAT return?
2 - Do I need to get software for a month just for this sole purpose or can I just do it through HMRC portal or other form?

Thanks in advance
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