Filing company accounts for clients?

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After what seems like a lifetime I've finally sorted out my tax agent application, but now i'm not sure what to do regarding submitting accounts and confirmation statements to companies house on behalf of clients. Do i need a presenter ID?
My business is an unincorporated partnership but i will be filing company accounts for clients.

If anyone can help me with this that would be great,


  • cswannell
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    I use Xero Tax to submit my clients accounts, it comes out great and its free if they have a subscription Or sign them up to a Ledger subscription for £2 per month.

    For confirmation statement I use Accountancy Manager which files them for me for free - Tell them your a new practice and they'll do you a discount on their subscription.
  • BrisVease
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    I have a personal accountant that I hired from a website. It's convenient because he solves all my tax problems and also controls my accounts, thereby making them more secure. It sounds expensive but it is not, he just provides security for your account from scammers and also helps you with financial problems, read more to find out more information or order a similar service yourself. It's like a security agency, only your account.
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