Transition from 2016 to 2022 when I passed all units but the Level-4 Synoptic

I did pass all my exams on the first attempt but I stuck in the Level 4 Synoptic after 3 unsuccessful attempts. I do really regret studying AAT and I should have studied ACCA which doesn't have Synoptic which is a reading and writing exam rather than an accounting test.
Anyway, how would be the transition from 2016 to 2022 while there is no Synoptic exam in 2022 and there are only 5 units required to pass, and I have already passed 5 units in Level 4?
I see there is a transition fee but didn't mention if we need to do another exam.
Can anyone advise me on this?


  • Katy_C
    Katy_C Registered Posts: 4

    I’m moving across as well to avoid taking the synoptic as I’m on a path to an overall distinction and I’m not blowing that on the synoptic !

    I think you have to take L4 internal control (which replaces the synoptic) - I’ve just bought the new AQ2022 internal controls book and question bank from BPP. The earliest exam is September 2022 and there are no practice exams or green light tests on the AAT site yet.

    Note that the cost management x2 modules only transition across at 70%
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