Is it worth moving to the new 2022 qualification

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Aat lvl 4 professional diploma in accountancy

I have very bad experience with lvl 3 synoptic test where pc has failed on 2 occasions resulted in me failing the the exam.

As the new system has no synoptic I'm wondering about moving to words it.

What is the better, easier, cheeper, faster option here?


  • Katy_C
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    I’m moving over (Ive done financial statements/business and personal tax already) so under the new exam I only have to do two more exams; internal controls and cost management otherwise it would have been the L4 synoptic, which everyone fails and two more cost management exams. I recommend the new exams!
  • G10
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    Hello, i am due to join AAT Level 4 as an apprentice with college and my employer. The college has advised we will be on the new AQ2022 and as an apprentice i have to do the synoptic... lucky you for not having to contend with that! and good luck for your exams ahead, x
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