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Hi everyone - has anyone merged over from AQ2016 to Q2022 to avoid the synoptic? If so, how difficult is the INAC module when compared to PDSY?

Given the feedback of PDSY and the option of switching it would be interesting to see if this is now the preferred route of students.

Any advice would be appreciated



  • Conorb148
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    I have just finished my last exam on AQ2016 and plan to switch over, I have had my provider give me online access to the INAC unit and can definitely say it's a lot easier than what the synoptic looks.

    Most of it is just general knowledge and ethics with a few things that you will need to learn.

    I didn't do any practice and just looked at the assignments for INAC, and got 80% on all of them, granted it was multiple choice and the actual exam has written questions but definitely better than a synoptic exam.
  • DanDan
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    Thanks for the reply Conor - seen a few comments on forums that questions in the exam are coming up that haven't been covered in learning material? Guess as it's a new exam there isn't too much feedback on it yet! Good luck if you've taken this and are waiting for your result.
  • k290485
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    Hi Connor Can you please let me know what was the cost of transferring to the new qualifications ? I had a look online and its showing to select the full AAT4 2022 for £240.00 that seams to be bit much just for one exam.
  • Carlosbrit92
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    Hi all, I've also gone down the same route. I did all my exams (less the synoptic assessment) under AQ2016 and passed them, I then did my synoptic and got 57%! So I made the switch to AQ2022 transferring all my passes over for £100 I believe. Just sat my INAC 2 weeks ago, with my result coming at the end of this month, the exam I personally felt was a lot easier than the synoptic so if you are struggling with it and considering changing then do it, although you're overall % grade will go down.
  • Mewmoon
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    Hi @Carlosbrit92 - I was wondering how if you wouldn’t mind telling me how your exam went? I am debating whether to transfer over or pack it in, but after AAT response I am feeling the latter.
  • DanDan
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    edited May 31
    Well it seems that the INAC exam has been suspended for a week and the difficulty will be looked at by AAT. Students who failed with 65% or more will see their mark uplifted by 5% resulting in pass.

    In theory I'll be sitting an easier exam than if I sat it a week ago, but wonder if it was a case of "the better the devil you know" in terms of opting for the AQ2016 synoptic instead!

    Let's hope the teething problems of Q2022 get sorted soon as it would be frustrating revising for exam with the learning material not aligned with what's tested in the assessment.
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