is anyone else finds AAT level 3 synoptic hard ?

Michel12 Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
I failed level 3 synoptic twice , second time was even harder than first . Funny part is that not a single question was not from the practice questions or green light test from AAT website , some questions were so hard , I never even heard some terminology they used in questions . Just wanted to ask if anyone else found it difficult or its only me ?


  • emilybinyon
    emilybinyon Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸
    I sat this exam last week and found it really tricky! I felt as though they asked a really unfair set of questions and didn't test the 3 core units as they should have done!
  • Michel12
    Michel12 Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
    I sat the exam last Saturday , it was my second attempt and it was even harder than my first one . The amount of questions they’ve asked there is physically not enough time to answer all of them . Some questions were very tricky , I’ve never came across of this sort of questions in any revision websites or books . AAT doesn’t realise that we are a students not experienced accountants to be able to answer so many complicated questions in amount of time they give ! Anyway it’s my personal opinion .
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