AAT Level 4 vs ACCA Exemptions

Kjmorgan1970 Registered Posts: 1 New contributor ?

I am mature student currently have student membership with ACCA FIA, I am keen to progress with gaining qualification, I was interested what members opinions maybe politely offered.

I could take the route to AAT qualification by starting at AAT Level 4 AQ2022, 3 mandatory papers and two optional, however should I gain AAT exemptions via ACCA with papers F1-F3 plus F6 Taxation option F8 or F9, gives the same as AAT Level 4, however oddly alternative route only offers exemptions F1-F3, it probably sounds converlated however AAT level 4 and ACCA F1-F3 equivalent to RQF 4 1st year degree, I am hoping to have this completed within one year, then take a decision on ACCA.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions

kind regards
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