Licensed Accountants - Working Differently Is Your Inner Strength

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When meeting with prospective clients, I ask...

Do you have a criterion for selecting your accountant?

9 out of 10 times the response is No...

You would think this is a very important point to have clear before taking shortlist meetings, as the business owner.

Sadly, many Accountants suffer the same plight, working with whoever is willing to pay before accepting the right client.

It’s my belief and I could be wrong, these two elements go hand in hand, just like a debit and a credit.

My practice is now restructured taking account of these two components, offering prospective clients an education that covers the criteria for selecting their Accountant. Yes, some reading this may say this is a waste of time.

But these educated prospects recommend others that are the right fit.

This approach coupled with different service solutions has greatly boosted profit margins whilst serving the right fit clients.

So, as a Licensed Accountant felt an ethical duty to bring this to light for fellow Licensed Accountants that want to serve the right clients and wake up their profit margins because our role is to make our client’s businesses better.

Want to adopt this approach, get in touch to see how.

By the way before putting out this post, I spoke with our ethics committee, for those that may be concerned.

Emmanuel Harris
Licensed Accountant

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