Q2016 Level 2 - Using Accounting Software - setting up recurring payment

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I am coming across an issue where I have been following online lectures for Level 2 Q2016 - Using Accounting Software and i have come across an issue for setting up recurring payments in the latest Sage Accounting platform.

After setting up the initial payment to go out of the bank, I then tick the payment I want to make into a Standing order and then click on "make recurring". I then chose 1 deduction every month for the next 12 months and click Save. After doing this step, the online lecture shows the recurring arrow symbol next to the payment. When i mimic this exactly step by step, my Sage Accounting shows no recurring symbol but shows the deductions from the bank balance for the next 12 months and this also reduces the bank balance by the amount of deductions rather than just the 1 recurring payment - showing 12 deductions rather than 1.

Has anyone recently faced this issue? Am i doing something incorrectly somewhere? Can you lose marks in the exam for this as the bank balance would be lower than expected?
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