Synoptic assessment level 2

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Hello everyone.
Please I really need to know what questions is been asked under task 6.
I failed my synoptic exam and I don't want to lose any chance again.
Please, those that have done the exam before what was the question asked?
I studied total cost, fixed cost, variable but none was asked during my exam.


  • Blurple
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    Hi Ojuloge,

    In addition to the fixed, variable, semi variable and stepped costs. Look at labour, so piece rate, time rate machine rate. Look at high low method and Overhead Absorption too. It may be worth buying a Kaplan or Osborne exam book, as they will have practice questions which may cover the written parts.
    Also, what was asked during the previous exam, if you remember. I wish you the best of luck
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  • anony123
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    Oh anything pretty much can come up, my synoptic was pretty much completely different to the mock exams. I got 81, without even answering q6 because that question had some much information on there. It was about LIFO AVCO and FIFO
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