account and job costing software recommendations please!

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We are a small / medium size business, providing service based projects, and currently use Exchequer Accounting software to manage accounts and job costs on a project by project basis.
We need to move over to a cloud based system as our server is being retired, any recommendations on software to look at?
Key features are, it needs to be able to be cloud based, provide both accounting functions and reports and job cost records, and be reliable.
We are currently looking at sage intacct, however not sure if this will be a bit much for us, and it's expensive!
Any recommendations welcome! :)
Thanks, Jess


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    I work for a Franchisor in the head office accounts departments and see a mixer of different accounting packages from the one we offer for our franchisees to use which is hosted though a CRM from the Azura Group (not to be confused with Microsoft Azura) which was made as a bespoke product for our needs and can submit VAT return though but not all the franchisees use it we have a mixer of Xero, Quickbooks, Freshbooks and sage. The ones who have the most success in navigating there accounting systems are people who use quickbooks and Xero. In fact for the head office records we use quickbooks which is very simple to navigate and comes at many different levels and versions. I have people who swear by Xero and the way they get it to suit there needs but the bonus of all this they have a free trial which it be worth trying them out while working along your current systems till you find one you like. In Fact Quickbooks has a trial site which gives you a dumb company so you can see how it functions. Here is a link to the form post about it
    RegardsCiaran Andrew Leyland
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