Second salary while in training put your facts children's benefits

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Hi wondered if anybody has come across this situation before.

I have a client who is in the Navy and he is currently training to be a barrister while still in the Navy. His Navy salary of approximately £54,000 a year and he's informed me that he will get a small salary he thinks around £15,000 from his chambers while training. The Navy have requested that he repays the second salary back to them less expenses. The problem I foresee with this is he currently gets child benefit for two children and nursery allowance £2000 x 2 which he will not be entitled to while having the 2nd salary.
I am assuming that he will have to declare second job or is there another way you know of.

My thoughts are that he should decline the second salary and see if the chambers can pay directly to the Navy.

I would be grateful if anybody else has come across a similar situation.

Many thanks
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