How are people looking for jobs in Finance?

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Hello all
I am not a recruitment agency but I work as a business consultant and am currently trying to help a client in Cornwall recruit for a Level 3 or above Finance Officer but it's proving really hard.
I wondered if anyone could perhaps tell me where you look for roles in case we are targeting the wrong places.
I've deliberately stayed away from recruitment agencies as I have had bad experiences with them in the past as both a job seeker and employer so we've used Indeed up until now.
Are there any colleges that run collaborations? Or industry websites or publications where we could place an advert?
I'm really keen to have any advice you could think of and wouldn't mind sharing.
Many thanks in advance


  • shamilkaria
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    Hi Alison,

    I hope you are well?

    Have you tried to post on CV Library / Reed / Total Jobs.

    AAT even have a page where you can post jobs (see the link) :

    With regards to recruitment agencies I know you haven't had the best experience but I would try other agencies too as they have a list of candidates which can meet the clients requirements

    I hope this helps you out

    Many thanks

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