Becoming a Freelance Licensed Member?

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Good Afternoon

I currently work as a bookkeeper for a Chartered Accountancy Firm, and wish to potentially take on some private work rather than look for another position with another firm. I have held my MAAT for 3 years now but am still, contently working in a bookkeeping and training role for a pleasant company.

I wonder if there are any other members on the forum that I could potentially bounce some questions off of before I make the leap. I am unsure about so many things and I'm sure a frank conversation would really help.

I'd love to cover the topic of start up costs, advertising, fee levels. Whether I should be working on a business plan and budget to ensure these things are covered? I'd love to hear of some first hand experience before launching into this head first.

For me, it seems like a logic stop-gap between moving jobs and keeping the work life balance right but also being able to cover my outgoings with the cost of living.

Are there any other members thinking of taking the same steps?

Are there any focus groups or meetings I can book onto or join?

Thank you
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