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Hi, I recently started the AAT level 4 qualification and understand that once completed, "you will get exemptions from the three papers under Applied Knowledge and start at Applied Skills and will pay no exemption fees" per the ACCA website.

I assume in order to gain the exemption, 2 of the Level 4 optional units need to be completed in addition to the mandatory ones. Does it matter which 2 optional ones you choose or does the exemption apply regardless of which 2 I decide to take?


  • anony123
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    I'm pretty sure you have to take the personal and business tax to be exempt from the first year of ACCA as well as the mandatory exams.
    When I did them, 20% of the information overlaps so it is easier to choose them both together.
  • wilburnet
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    Doesn't matter which optionals, you just have to complete Level 4 for ACCA exemption.
  • anony123
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    Our teacher must have told us incorrectly then
  • Norvydas
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    I have completed ACCA last year, and as wilburnet said, it doesn't matter which units you choose, as far as you complete L4 AAT you will receive the adequate exemptions.
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    Norvydas Valavicius.
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