Simultaneous equations

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Please can someone help simplify this question?
A business makes two products – the Sen and the Ora. Both use the same materials and the same labour.
Next period the business expects a delay on materials due to problems at Liverpool. It can expect to receive only 14,000 kg of material in the period.
The business also has a restriction on labour and only 4,000 hours will be available.
The details of the products are as follows.

Contribution per unit Sen £32.00 Ora £50.00
Materials per unit Sen 4kg Ora 5kg
Labour time per unit Sen 1 hour Ora 2.5 hours

Calculate the contribution per kg of material and the contribution per labour hour using the following table:

Contribution per kg of material
Sen £8 Ora £10

Contribution per labour hour
Sen £32 Ora £20

Complete the following table to show the production, materials required and labour required which will maximise the total contribution.

Sen Ora Total
Production - units
Material req kg
Labour req hrs

I think I have calculated the first part of the contribution right but not sure how to do the equation to calculate units and labour hours required. I'm confused with this one!

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