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laurenphipps85 Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
I have gained 66% and 62% on this assessment and have read the examiners report produced.

It states that only 14% of students meet or pass questions 3 which is what I am failing on.
It says to include calculations in the answer and students do not do this.

I have looked over my reading material from Osborne Books and that on the AAT Learning Portal and nowhere in the answers to question 3 are there any calculations; if they aren't in the material how are we meant to know what to use?

Does anyone else have any experience of this or any further advice on what calculations they want?

I have raised this with AAT as it seems unfair for the examiners report to state do this and the material doesn't show it.



  • wilburnet
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    Hi there AAT have updated the two assessments as well for this unit
  • anony123
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    True true; our teachers told us the calculations and formats as well.

  • anony123
    anony123 Registered Posts: 402 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I got my results today
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