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Hello everyone,

I took an exam yesterday for Principles of Costing and after signing in with my student number and password, couldn't access the link to the exam or do anything else. Soon, I realised that everyone else in the exam room had the same issue. The invigilators had to contact IT and let them know that we would be late if nothing was going to be done soon. We were indeed 10 minutes late but it wasn't too bad. However, 30 minutes into the exam, my screen briefly froze and suddenly there were many multicoloured horizontal lines across the screen which worried me.

However, the main issue was when I got to the first Excel simulation of the Manufacturing Accounts task because I was really confused about the format. The Manufacturing Accounts were listed in a random order so I initially thought that I'd have to put them in order myself but nowhere in the question that was asked of me and I was not able to move the cells around either.

The question stated that the amounts assigned to each line of text needed to be calculated but the cells containing the amounts assigned to each line of text did not seem to the in the right order. Again, I was not able to move the cells around. Then a few other sub-points were about putting a border around a certain cell, making the text bold, increasing the text size etc.

I emailed AAT customer support about it and hope that they will get back to me soon but I am curious if anyone else had a similar experience and what did you do in that case.

If you have any advice that could help me, please let me know. I am really concerned and nervous about the result considering all of these issues and the fact that I fund the AAT Level 2 modules and assignments by myself and it can be quite expensive...

Thank you so much for your time!


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    Yo sorry to hear that.

    For my level 2 we didn’t have excel so I won’t be able to help. Btw, AAT can only provide a 2% max upgrade on the exam result. It’s such a pain when it does happen.

    Oh well you can’t do anything know…
  • anony123
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    And it has happened to me on three occasions.
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    Hi Lilacberry,
    Sorry to hear about the incidence happened during your exam Principles of costing.
    From my experience I would say don't try to move the cells unless the question asked you to do so, just do the task what the question ask to do. If you get any issues then inform it to your invigilator as early as possible. Your invigilator will inform AAT about the problem and AAT will consider the incident when they assess your exam.
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