How many hours studying the L4 AMAC unit?

k_islam Registered Posts: 8 New contributor 🐸
Hi, I recently started studying for the L4 AMAC unit (at college) and was just wondering how many hours others are putting in for studying this unit?

I have a study day each week and also put in some hours over the weekend, but currently going through a very busy period at work atm so some days I am finishing later than usual and don't really have the energy to study in the evenings after a long work day.


    RAKTHER Registered Posts: 16 New contributor 🐸
    Hi k_islam,
    It's really hard for the working person to manage their study time specially after a long working day. However, I think a student need to study at least 15 to 20 hrs a week for this unit because it is level 4 unit and you need to be confident when answering AAT assessment. Therefore, it is totally depends on you and I think you can manage it.
    Best of Luck.

    Training Coordinator, Osborne Training.
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