Re-reading level 4(2022) units for new management role.

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Hi All,

I have nearly finished AAT level 4, I have started a new role in a heating company, of a small to medium size.
I have experience in working in Payroll, accounts prep and out-scoured finance team where i worked in improving internal systems and ledger control.

I have a detailed experience in the heating industry, as i was an engineer before training to become an accountant.

In my new role i am managing all the finance function. At current i am sorting out the books as they are a little untidy, i will then be producing management information for the directors. I can see that they could benefit from using budgets vs actuals on their projects and using Activity based costing using labour hours to ensure they are absorbing enough of overheads, and forecast cashflows, budgets, for the servicing division.

A long story short, i was extremely ill when taking my managemnt exam, and lost my memory for the whole month before my exam and just managed to just pass the management unit( don't know how!). However, I used the Osborne books AMC unit and have found i struggled with it, i have used Kaplans books for other units and I find them more useful, therefore I wasnt sure if it is a beneficial use of my time to purchase the AMC Kaplan unit to refresh my self as i cant really get on with the Osborne book any more in trying to refresh my self on the unit.

Disclaimer: I know everyone gets on well with different study text providers, this just my opinion.

All the best and thanks in advance,



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    Hi Rob, absolutely work with the Kaplan materials for the Management unit. You probably found with Osborne books like i have, that they dont give detailed answers or explanations which is why i avoid them.
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    Hi Robo117 ,
    I think you can use those books which one you feel more understandable to you.
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