strategies for securing my first job in accountancy.

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Hi there, I am interested in strategies about how to get a first job in accountancy.

For context, I have completed AAT L2, and now studying AAT L3.
Regarding my work experiences I used to work as a chef, after that I have been a Buddhist monk for a couple of years, and now I am working at a foundry. I am based in Leicester, which is quite busy, however have gotten only one interview.

My main strategy is to check Indeed for any entry-level accountancy position and try to emphasise the soft skills I have learned previously, also reminding the employer that I have a great desire to learn.

I was wondering if it be a good idea to try for example find an office-based job, so lately one could switch to the desired professional path, or if it is a waste of time?
Also, I do have hearing aids, which makes me anxious about my capability of dealing with calls and customers.

Maybe I need to be more open for possibilities to move to another town.
Or possibly I just need to complete AAT L4 and then my qualifications could make me a more desirable candidate?

What do you think?
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