Failed my Bookkeeping Controls Exam help with one question

Crystal_Krystal Registered Posts: 11 New contributor 🐸
I just failed my introduction to Bookkeeping Controls Exam, I got 66%.

Trial balance is one of my great strengths but I struggled with the "extracting a trial balance"

I'll explain it here below:

There were no details to say whether it was a receivables or payable trial balance, the only heading was supplier or customer codes such as GL190 (didnt specify), no details of what the amount was for in so I couldn't tell if it was for credit or debit, only details was in the "balance b/d" but it ended up equalling the same amount as the amount shown for eg balance b/d was £1500 & the amount on the other side was £100 & £500. So subtracting would equal zero 0 but I couldn't put that in the trail balance or could I?

I've attached a picture of what it looked like
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