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Hi All

I'm studying level 4 by distance learning (with Kaplan) - I've only started the Financial Statements. I intend to just buy the books for the rest and book the exams. However, how has anyone done this with the project? I gather this is a workplace project. However, I am self-employed. Anyone any suggestions?


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    Hi there

    For ICAS you can either do a project based on your place of work, or another organisation you are familiar with. The advantage of doing this is that there is no timeframe imposed on submitting your work.

    If you don't want to use workplace evidence you can use a simulated case study. You have to agree this with your course tutor who will request the material and you then have 16 weeks from receiving the case study to submit your final project.

    This does mean do have to be registered with a training provider to sit the ICAS unit as the coursework needs to be marked by an approved centre. You can self study most of the other units though I believe.
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    Project for Level 4

    Thank you very much for your reply.
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    case study

    That is very true, i did it my self through distance learning and i was not working in accounts. I got the job in accounts three months after being aat qualified. I just bought books from kaplan for each level and taught myself through out my course with no form of tuition or studying partner but i did it and it felt so good. From that moment my confidence has grown thousand times and i now think i can achieve anything if i want it. For the project i did the case study(simulation) which was had to start at the begning but once i understood what was required i started enjoying it because it felt like i was in a real company and i was applying the accounting i had learnt from all levels. So just go for it and you will do it.
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    I used the Osborne book for the ICAS project, and found it very good. Although I work in a finance office, I did the case study, and found it interesting. After reading it through several times, I did a SWOT analysis; I headed 4 sheets of paper with one each of Strengths, Weaknessses, Opportunities & Threats, then read through again, jotting down incidences as they occured, under the appropriate heading, and built up a good picture of the business. I did a lot of research online, where I needed a greater understanding of some topics.
    Good luck,
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    Distance Learning

    Thank you all for replies. It was very helpful.
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