Just passed level 3!!

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Hi all,

This is my first post on here and just wanted to say hi to everyone, this forum really helped me in passing level 3. i studied level 3 a few years back and kept failing so i gave up. Then realised i need to do something with my life i went back to it and passed all exams this year first time :001_smile:

I'm over the moon, just worried now about level 4 after what i've been reading lol.

I wanted to ask though, when does the result show on my statement of achievement as i passed AP2 on thursday and this still hasn't updated on there?

Thanks in advance



  • janwal
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    Hi Michael

    Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on passing level 3.

    I am 2 exams away from completing level 3 and I too after rading a lot of the posts on here couldn't decide about level 4. The other day I had a quick look at one of the level 4 tests and found I could answer some of the questions with what I have already learned, so I've decided to go for it (providing I pass the last 2 exams before September!):001_unsure:

    How will you be studying level 4? Have a look at some past threads on here as a lot of useful information.

  • michael1199
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    Hi jan,

    Good luck for your last 2 exams.

    I as well have looked at the exams for level 4 and I think with learning it looks ok but you never know lol. I study at a college and will also be doing this for level 4 but the cost is crazy think they said £3400 :ohmy:

    Do you do home study?

    I'm just a bit worried why my result has not updated on the website

  • janwal
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    Hi Michael,

    Is you result actually showing under you assessment results, it may be that they are just a bit slow putting it on you statement of Achievement.

    I am studying on day release at college also as I work full time, have not looked at the price for level 4 as work pay 75% of it so I just have to pay the remainder which they split and take out of my wages each month.

    That price does seem rather steep, where are you situated in the country?

    Have just had a look at college website next year is £1328.

  • MWAUGH1983
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    The statement of achievement takes in my experience a couple of days so if nothing by friday I would ring or email them.
    Kaplan do the units on an individual basis so that might be an option?

  • katsutlieff
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    Congratulations on passing level 3, you obviously just needed to step away for a while, we all do sometimes.

    Don't be put off Level 4. I am one exam away from finishing it and although I have found it hard going in places I have enjoyed it. It is a step up from Level 3 but a lot of it is a natural progression and expands upon a lot of what you will have learnt in level 3.

    My last exam is budgeting and a lot of it was covered in cost and revenue last year

    Good luck
  • michael1199
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    Thanks for all your replies.

    Jan I agree that is very steep but my college with is in Essex said its because the government have stopped funding for it. I do 2 evenings a week in college. Would love day release but my work did not agree to it. They also pay for it but I can't see them paying that much for next year. Where is your college situated? I like the sound of what your doing paying some from wages each month so if they don't agree to it all then I will suggest that.

    I have checked statement of achievement and also assessment results so I will give it till next week and phone them as you suggested Martin. I'm probably just being impatient lol.

    Katsufliett Thanks for your input, that's good to know I'm sure it takes more studying and determination to achieve level 4, And your right just needed to step away from it. What I found before I was trying to memorise things for example the double entry instead of actually understanding it. Good luck for your last exam.

  • janwal
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    Hi Michael

    I go to Harrogate college in North Yorkshire and are still quite lucky that it is funded due to it being a small FE college.
    If work hadn't agreed to the monthly option I would never have been able to do it, but then again I got lucky as I work for the local NHS and they are quite good with the study plans.

    I did Cash Management exam on Tuesday and have checked my Statement of Achievement and it is on there. May just be with the weekend it is slow.

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