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Hi all,

I am new to the forum. I am about to sit my AAT Level 3 synoptic exam, and am confused as to whether I should continue to level 4 AAT, or go straight onto ACCA.

I would like to complete the qualification, but at the same time I would like to start my ACCA. Is the jump really big from AAT Level 3 straight to ACCA?

I am really confused, and would really appreciate some good advice.

Thank you :)


  • kevc90
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    I would definitely recommend completing your AAT - gives you a really good grounding. ACCA is a big jump from AAT level 4 never mind from the end of level 3
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    Please also see my response here on a similar matter.

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  • stevesmiths
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    I would say the choice is completely yours, both are well recognised by employers.Because it can be hard to decide which accounting course is right for you, however the two qualification routes are different in a number of ways, and suit different kind of people.
    If you complete AAT level 4, you will be exempted from the first three units of ACCA.

    AAT allows you to take your first step into accounting, the level 2 certificate in accounting will give you the basic accounting skills and knowledge, from costing and double-entry, bookkeeping to computerised accounting.

    ACCA, on the other hand, is aimed at those with some previous qualifications. To embark on the fundamental level course, you will need to have at least two A levels and three GCSEs. The fundamental level of ACCA starts at a more advanced level than AAT. Its coverage is both broad and deep, focusing in detail on topics including financial accounting, corporate and business law, and performance management

    AAT is ideal for aspiring accounting technicians as well as bookkeepers and the roles you could be considered after completing AAT are Assistant financial accountant, junior commercial analyst, assistant fixed asset accounting whereas the roles for ACCA are personal banker, financial analyst, tax manager etc.
  • BradJones_FTA
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    @stevesmiths I second that. Well said.
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