Accounting Software Self Study possible ?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has studied for the level 2 accounting software exam themselves without being associated with a training provider ? I have taken two level 2 exams, the book keeping ones and self study suited me very well. Has anyone done it for accounting software and how was your experience?


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    For the accounting software I suspect you'll want something (since you'll need to access the software, sage 50 for me) but it might be possible to do a course by them directly which will let you download the tools required.

    My provider basically put us on the sage course as part of the module but you got a separate certificate at the end of it..
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  • milescpareview
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    Yes, you would be able to self study accounting software by taking up online courses. There are online courses on widely used accounting software that you can refer to. Youtube is a rich source as well.
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    You'll need access to Sage 50. As/when/if libraries re-open you could see whether any have the software installed on their PC's. It is now very difficult to find Sage 50 in disc format, it is only possible to buy as new as a download.
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    Yes I passed level 2 computer software a few months ago without a provider. I bought Osbourne tutorial book, watched you tube videos and at the 30 day free Sage 50 trial. I had never used sage before and passed with 95% so it is totally doable
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