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Discussion of exam papers

Simon Smith
Simon Smith BannedBanned User Posts: 46
Hi all

Just want to pass on my usual reminder that, because we have candidates sitting worldwide, you should not discuss the content of papers in detail immediately after the sitting. Please delay such discussions until:

1500 GMT (morning papers)
2000 GMT (afternoon papers)

As you know, these forums are lightly moderated but any posts/threads that do not comply with this request will have to be removed.

In the meantime, if you want to pass on your opinions on the paper you’ve just done, we’d love to hear from you. We’ve set up feedback questionnaires for every paper which you can access here:

Tell us what you think!


Posted on behalf of Paul Bowen (AAT Exams)


  • Lizy
    Lizy Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 24

    I feel disappointmented with section 1 questions after all the effort I put in to prepare myself for the exam.
  • Kitty Smith
    Kitty Smith Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    PEV Exam


    You are not on your own and I feel very disappointed when I opened the paper and the Section 1, it sounded if they were like double Dutch to me. I have been studied so very hard for the last few months and it is now for nothing!!!

  • revpp
    revpp Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    i am relieved to see your messages here. i thought i was the only one who had a real hard time with section 1. i am very conversant with variances but this section caused me major problems. put in many hours of study to cover all aspects of course but feel i have failed this section. gutted.
  • cookie
    cookie Just Joined Registered Posts: 1

    I was totally baffled by the PEV exam in section 1

    After 40 mins of trying to work out this garble in section 1 I had to leave it as it totally floored me.
    I have revised so much for this exam - I am totally gutted

    The Examiners were playing with our minds !!!

    sure I have failed this one.

  • 118 11kate
    118 11kate Well-Known Registered Posts: 115
    I felt the same about PCR in June (left the exam and got very steaming drunk) and was 100% convinced id failed and so much so I was still revising it so I could do the resits in December and wouldnt have forgotten any of it........then I got a pass mark :confused1: Dont ask me how!

    I ended up running around the office screaming with the director running in asking if I was pregnant :ohmy:

    All im saying is that you never know and even if we have failed (You PEV & Me BTC) its not the end of the world and we can always resit.

    Even so "GOODLUCK"
    roy ramphul
  • Bizzy Bea
    Bizzy Bea Just Joined Registered Posts: 1
    Hiya All

    About PEV - just wanted to say that I felt exactly the same as you guys about Section 1. When I opened up the paper and started reading, I did wonder if felt I had entered for the wrong exam

    On the last task in Section 1, as I started writing the report it suddenly crossed my mind that I was writing complete garbage.

  • CJC
    CJC Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,657
    Sounds like it's a good thing I took PEV in June. That was a quite a straightforward paper, which was just as well.

    One thing I have learned on here over the years is that there are plenty of people who swear they're going to fail and end up passing. The fact is you won't know until the results come out. I was pretty convinced I was going to fail DFS but ended up passing. So, relax and enjoy Christmas - you can start getting uptight around the end of January - or whenever results time is.
  • Victoria Lacey
    Victoria Lacey Just Joined Registered Posts: 1
    Pev Exam On 03.12.07

    I was also very confused by the way the paper was laid out. The examiner could have given us a test paper if he was going to change things so drastically.:001_wub:I did not finish the paper and felt there was so much reading to do the time allotted was not sufficient. I revised so very hard for this exam and I feel the examiner has let us down. Hope June 08 paper is not going to be more of the same!:thumbdown:
  • Partyanimal1
    Partyanimal1 Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Oi Oi 118 11Kate lol!!! My study buddy ha ha!!

    Well Tax was a bit of a buggar convinced i have failed,but not dwelling on it too much as Xmas round the corner and party season and all that!
    But you do find that you can be adamant you have failed, and actually pass.
    So good luck to every one fpr results in February.
  • Mouein El Yacoub
    Mouein El Yacoub Just Joined Registered Posts: 1
    Lizy wrote: »
    I feel disappointmented with section 1 questions after all the effort I put in to prepare myself for the exam.

    please don not feel that way because i feel that you are well & should be competant if ytou need any help please contact me on el\mail [email protected]
  • ssneha7
    ssneha7 New Member Registered Posts: 5
    PEV section 1 was a disaster. I dont understand what the examiner was thinking while preparing this exam. He/She decided to make this paper very hard without thinking how it might affect others. I was very dissapointed while doing the exams and also after i received my results. obviously i failed section 1 and i was like what a shame as the amount of hard work and effort i had put into this was alot

    I hope my resit papers arent going to be as bad as it was in December. THIS ACTUALLY PUTS YOU DOWN WITH STUDIES.

    I was gonna quite my studies due to this one exam that i failed.

  • roy ramphul
    roy ramphul Feels At Home Registered Posts: 38
    Having practice all the PEV papers I fully agree that Dec 07 PEV papers was very inconsistent in comparision to all the previous past papers. I am very suprised by this because usually, AAT exam papers are more or less set at the same level i.e the difficulty level should be the same.

    May be there is a new examiner in place for the costing papers.
  • dudu
    dudu Just Joined Registered Posts: 1
    trial run devolved assessment wilson task 1,BPP PUBLISHING

    Pliz Help Me Guys
  • ssneha7
    ssneha7 New Member Registered Posts: 5
    well i am worndering why the hell do we have to suffer even if the examinar was different? he/she should have checked all the previosu past papers before preparing the exams. I dont think it's fair on us at all :crying:
  • speegs
    speegs Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 854
    I too found that the MAC paper in December 2007 was very badly written, but then I passed it which really surprised me.

    But guys you need to think of this way. The examiner has to test our knowledge and understanding. He or she can choose how they want to do this and sometimes this ends up with a really weird horrible question.

    I agree that is seems unfair, but if we just practiced past papers all the time, we run the risk of not actually understanding the background to the task.

  • tigger37
    tigger37 Well-Known Registered Posts: 200
    ECR Exam

    Judging from the majority of responses last night and still today on the ECR exam, it was alot harder than all of the previous exams that we were told to revise over and over and over. There seemed to be alot of trick questions, and even though we waited until after 8pm last night to discuss, the mods pulled off the whole thread this morning. Alot of people are even talking of issuing a complaint as they included things that we were either told were no longer on the syllabus or something that wasn't even ever mentioned. I expect I, along with mant others, will be doing a resit in June:crying:
  • mitch25
    mitch25 Just Joined Registered Posts: 1
    pcr exam

    It would appear that a lot of people are under the same impression as me that the exam papers were not in the same format as what we had revised for. I was totally baffled by the section 1 and found because I had to re-read the tasks more than once it wasted time and I only just completed the paper on time. I feel that I will be resitting the exam in June.:thumbdown:
  • Luci100
    Luci100 Just Joined Registered Posts: 1
    PCR exams

    Actually the PEV exams seemed okay and not wholly unexpected. If we're unable to deal with a slightly different format exam then perhaps we shouldn't be doing them! They're essentially asking for the same thing and it means that we're fully familiar with the syllabus rather than just being able to pass the exam.
    Having said that, I'm with Mitch on section one of PCR - I couldn't decipher what the examiner wanted in the answer, it was badly written. And that goes for the grammar too on one of two of the questions. Usually I sit these in under two hours but on Thursday I used the whole time just wondering what was required! Which is thoroughly annoying given that I understood the syllabus and was competent in the papers set in the prior years.
  • chris harte
    chris harte Just Joined Registered Posts: 4
    There seems to be a large amount of people complaining about the PEV paper.
    If many people fail section one then they will adjust the pass mark to reduce the number of fails.
    The examiner is a new examiner and he has choosen to test our knowledge in a different way. I find the worst way to revise is to do past papers. Get your books out and go searching for material off the internet providing it has the answers too.

  • J_MCQ
    J_MCQ Just Joined Registered Posts: 2

    PCR was a nightmare, it must have been a new examiner because it seemed completely different from any one I had done before and I had revised to an inch of my life. The time indications at the side of the questions got me worried when a 15 minuted question took me 1/2 an hour as I wasn't sure exactly what it wanted. I started to rush to catch up. I'm not happy about it at all. PEV was OK, didn't enjoy the life cycle costing question too much.

    Good luck everyone with your results.
  • CC86
    CC86 New Member Registered Posts: 6
  • CC86
    CC86 New Member Registered Posts: 6
    Ecr dec'08

    We werent taught anything on relevant/irrelevant costs.
    We were also told that semi-variable costs would not appear, but they did!
    I've definitely failed and feel reeeaaaallllllyy stressed!!
    Am i the only person who thought this was really hard?
    It felt like the examiner was trying to trick you as there were alot nasty things thrown in. This never happened in the past papers, why this one?
    I thought this paper was quite unfair.
    Does anyone else feel the same???
  • tigger37
    tigger37 Well-Known Registered Posts: 200
    I know exactly how you feel weren't in my class by any chance were you? I know my tutor said to forget about semi-variable costs and there they were on the exam. The exam was truly horrible and from what it sounds like, quite a few people are up in arms over their exams. I'm also expecting to fail at least section 1 as I put bloody AVCO as my answer and that is what I used on the stock card. Plus the wages journal really threw me after lookin g through this exam.........maybe they will lower the pass mark on it?
  • CC86
    CC86 New Member Registered Posts: 6
    ecr 2008

    Yer hopefully they'll lower it.
    If they don't there's no chance for me!! What a time to do an exam! Nice thing to have to worry about all over Xmas!
    The wages jhournal threw me a bit 2! I think it was a bit of a trick question!!
  • JnClaude E Clifford
    JnClaude E Clifford Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 19
    Exams Results???

    When should we expect results??
  • Monty186
    Monty186 Just Joined Registered Posts: 1
    Pev & pcr


    I'm so glad people have similar views to me regarding the PEV and PCR exams in December. I felt there were a total disaster and after trying to work out what the examiner was asking for I realised I was extremely tight with time.

    For some reason the PCR was completely different to all other papers and it was a lot more difficult to work out what was really being asked!

    PEV was also a struggle, including NIL variances and asking us to write about them! I was so upset with both the exams and dreading the results!! :sad:
  • zabeen
    zabeen Just Joined Registered Posts: 2

    hi please i would like to see the modulles of diploma AAt
  • refilwe senyathi
    refilwe senyathi Just Joined Registered Posts: 1
    PEV and PCR were a problem there were totally new papers to everyone
  • lauramorganmyles
    lauramorganmyles Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    hey ppl i received my exam results this evening and i passed!!!! so excited...good luck to you all x
  • lauramorganmyles
    lauramorganmyles Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    just to mention i sat the PLB exam any1 got any views on do u think it was?
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