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When Can i apply to study CIMA

SueChibebaSueChibeba New MemberRegistered Posts: 7

I am hoping to be AAT qualified on 20th feb when i get my exam results. When can i start studying CIMA do i have to wait til 2009 now?




  • AlisajedwardsAlisajedwards Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    As far as I am aware you can state straight away. You just need to contact CIMA to register and enter for your excemptions.
  • NeilHNeilH Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 547

    You can register whenever you like, but you won't be able to tke exams behond the certificate level until you have gained you exemption from certificate level.

  • Frank WoodFrank Wood New Member Registered Posts: 11
    You need to register with CIMA - TOMORROW.

    This is the last day allowable to sit the CIMA exams in the summer. You will need to allow CIMA access to your exam results. You can do this by visiting the CIMA website and following the instructions. You should look under special arrangements on the link below:

  • ElenaElena New Member Registered Posts: 11
    Hi, I have registered as a student for CIMA this month also.

    You will need to register and pay online your registration and student fees. This is £140. You will need to send over copies of your statements of acheivement and certificates (with someone certifying that they are true copies). Also you need to email the AAT that you give your permission for your results to be sent to CIMA so your exemptions can be checked (f you are applying for them)

    If you can get this done in a day, the bonus is that you can fax over the documents!

    Good luck!
  • NeilHNeilH Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 547
    Elena wrote: »
    You will need to send over copies of your statements of acheivement and certificates...

    Yo won't need to do this if your results are being emailed by the AAT.
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