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Kaplan Financial

Emma1708Emma1708 Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 217
Has anyone studied with Kaplan Financial? I am looking at distance learning.

I have always been with Premier Training for the AAT but take my exams at Kaplan Financial in Leeds.

I am hoping to start ACCA after the next exams and am considering whether to stay with Premier Training or go with Kaplan Financial

Any information on the tutor support, progress tests etc would be appreciated

Thank you


  • aatfreeaatfree Feels At Home Registered Posts: 86
    Yes, the teaching has been pretty good but the customer service is shocking. I haven't used them for distance learning.
  • mfernottmfernott Feels At Home Registered Posts: 32
    Hi Emma

    I have no experience of distance learning, but I study with Kaplan in the evenings in Bristol.

    No qualms with the quality of teaching, however the customer service and student treatment is awful.

    Constantly changing timetables (pot luck if you get told, so it would seem!) make it a very frustrating experience.

    Their latest masterstroke is cancelling all 4 weekend revision days for MAC and moving them to weekdays, despite the fact that we are evening students because we can't get day release!!
  • Emma1708Emma1708 Well-Known Registered Posts: 217
    Oh dear, that sounds bad!

    I cant stay with Premier Training as they now only offer the course material, not study support

    If I dont find a good alternative it looks like I am going to have to opt for Kaplan
  • *Sarah**Sarah* Well-Known Registered Posts: 172
    I'm studying with Kaplan in London on weekends and haven't had any problems with them really. I would agree that the customer services department isnt all that great but it has never effected my learning through them and the quality of teaching is good
  • sharonsharon Well-Known Registered Posts: 161
    I'm with FTC Kaplan - Not impressed at all! Have you thought about BPP? I have heard that they are pretty good!
  • Emma1708Emma1708 Well-Known Registered Posts: 217
    I have not found BPP books very good to work from in the past

    What are your problems with Kaplan? Is it the customer service again?
  • sharonsharon Well-Known Registered Posts: 161
    Yep customer service! Teaching is good! But the don't reply to emails....I've been trying to get them to mark my project since January!!! Timetable is all over the place...i had the same problem when they had 2 weekend revision classes for DFS and MAC But now they have changed them for Weekdays 9-4pm...even though we are evening classes!

    Although once your in the class teaching is fantastic! Maybe you should take a chance with them? Up to you!
  • fpettiferfpettifer Feels At Home Registered Posts: 40
    I've studied the whole of my aat with Kaplan Distance Learning. Just finishing off Technician at the moment. Had no problems with them. Passed all my exams first time (touch wood this continues. got 3 to go). Books can be a little annoying though - typing errors on answers really doesn't help if you don't understand the question! They also like to explain things in a detailed complicated way instead of being simple.
  • manj82manj82 New Member Registered Posts: 7
    I also studied the whole of my AAT with FTC KAPLAN Distance Learning
    and had no problems at all. I have just completed Technician level and I had
    a pleasant experience with them.

    My questions/queries were answered quickly and I found they had a good turnaround for marking scripts etc

    I passed my exams first time round, with distance learning you have to make sure you put in the time and effort of studying.
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