Tattoos at work?

hartland.girlhartland.girl Just JoinedPosts: 2Registered
I work at an accountants and have three tattoo's, one on each of my wrists and one on my foot.

Alot of people are shocked that I have tattoos and do what I do (and suprised that I could get a job doing anything other than flipping burgers by some of the reactions I get)

I was just wondering if anyone else had tattoos and what reactions they got in their workplace (I've only had positive) and just from general people, saying things like you'll never get a proper job with that on your wrist. Or if they don't have any what people think about them in the workplace.


  • >Michaela<>Michaela< Feels At Home Posts: 37Registered
    I have 4 tattoos, none of them are visable though, most people are ok with them (apart from the ones who dont like tattoos blah blah) I dont get why most people think accountants should be, well, nerds!
  • LouLou143LouLou143 Feels At Home Posts: 74Registered
    I have 4 tattoos also and my belly pierced....mine are hidden from the eye! Never really told them that I have them unless it comes up in conversation!

    Just stereotypical - people don't accept people for who they the end of the day its my body and I can do what I like with it...I prove to people that I can do a job and at the end of the day if they don't accept me for me and look at a tattoo (if I had one visable) then I would'nt want to work with them anyway!

    .....I believe that appearance is important to an extent but people should look past that and look if a person can be an asset to the company.....I think it also depends on where you work and the image of the company the directors want show when someone enters their offices for example from outsiders.....
  • kazseerakazseera Feels At Home Posts: 87Registered




    tatoos shouldnt really bother people, its your body
  • JanJan Experienced Mentor Posts: 654Registered
    At the risk of sounding like an old fuddy duddy :lol:, it may be your body, but other people have to look at you!

    Unfortunately, tattoos and body piercings do give out the wrong impression to some people. After all you wouldn't turn up to work wearing the same clothes that you wear at the weekend to go out in, would you? We are expected to act and dress professionally. I have nothing against tattoos, but surely it's better if they can be kept out of sight during work time? I don't think I could take financial advice seriously if my accountant was sat opposite with a nose/tongue/eye/lip piercing and covered in tattoos :laugh:
  • richardwrichardw Well-Known Posts: 108Registered
    Its quite common for employers to request that tattoos be covered up at work. In the same way they can request that you look smart for work.

    Piercings have an advantage in that they are removable, do you want that tattoo for all of your life, & what will it look like as your skin changes?
  • cherub76cherub76 Settling In Nicely Posts: 22Registered
    I am 32 and just about to have my first tattoo...........although I agree totally that it is up to the individual what they do to their body, I believe that they have a time and a place, therefore the one that I am about to have will be hidden from view. That way I know its there, without broadcasting it to all and sundry.
  • BaggybooksBaggybooks Experienced Mentor Posts: 522Registered
    richardw wrote: »
    Do you want that tattoo for all of your life, & what will it look like as your skin changes?
    Saw a medical programme where a woman was having a procedure. 20+ years ago she'd had a tattoo on what was then a flat, tiny belly. 20 years and 3 kids later, the once smiling dolphin was now grotesque.

    However, we still live in a free world. Don't we?
  • hartland.girlhartland.girl Just Joined Posts: 2Registered
    Just to say to the people talking about covering up tattoos, I'm not made to at work, I have even hade nice comments made about them from the managers and partners where I work, my problems have always been with people outside of work telling me about how it will affect my job.

    It's nice to hear that there are other accountants out there like me though with tats etc :001_smile:
  • BaggybooksBaggybooks Experienced Mentor Posts: 522Registered
    It's nice to hear that there are other accountants out there like me though with tats etc :001_smile:

    Yes, we're not all grey!
  • jorja1986jorja1986 Well-Known Posts: 210Registered
    They dont really bother me to be honest quite jealous of people who have them as I would like one but too much of a chicken!!!

    As long as they dont say offence things I cant see the problem but i do know people get really offended looking at them.
  • X5wranglerX5wrangler Well-Known Posts: 170Registered
    You can tell the Senior Managers in our place who have tats, they are the ones who constantly wear long sleeved shirts even when it is roasting! We don't deal with the public and are shut away all day but we are expected to dress accordingly and it's shirt and ties for the men and smart for the ladies. I bet if we had a "get your tattoo out" day, 90% of the staff would be showing one off!
  • BaggybooksBaggybooks Experienced Mentor Posts: 522Registered
    You included?
  • X5wranglerX5wrangler Well-Known Posts: 170Registered
    Me included......:001_tt2:
  • BaggybooksBaggybooks Experienced Mentor Posts: 522Registered

    What and where?
  • X5wranglerX5wrangler Well-Known Posts: 170Registered
    Not going to be flippant because I'll get kicked off this forum again......


    I tried to be sensible but it didn't materialize so it's best I say nothing....:001_smile:
  • BaggybooksBaggybooks Experienced Mentor Posts: 522Registered
    I think we can guess!

    Sensible, Wrangler and Baggybooks - not normally associated!
  • X5wranglerX5wrangler Well-Known Posts: 170Registered
    No, quite right - sensible, baggybooks and wrangler in the same sentence is definitely an oxymoron!
  • BaggybooksBaggybooks Experienced Mentor Posts: 522Registered
    Who you calling morons?
  • X5wranglerX5wrangler Well-Known Posts: 170Registered
    The people who made up the word "oxymoron", it means we can be categorised.
    Remember - we are unique...... just like everyone else.
  • BaggybooksBaggybooks Experienced Mentor Posts: 522Registered
    Personally, I think we're more unique than everyone else.
  • X5wranglerX5wrangler Well-Known Posts: 170Registered
    Yep, and don't forget, no-one is listening until you f*rt!!:blushing:
  • BaggybooksBaggybooks Experienced Mentor Posts: 522Registered
    Bit like 'wake up and smell the coffee'?

    Sometimes you just have to shug these things off.
  • X5wranglerX5wrangler Well-Known Posts: 170Registered
    Got broad shoulders me!!! I'll shug anything.
    Coffee smells much nicer.....
  • BaggybooksBaggybooks Experienced Mentor Posts: 522Registered
    Man of dreams f*rting or shugger with fresh brew?
  • X5wranglerX5wrangler Well-Known Posts: 170Registered
    Defo man of dreams f*rting, especially if he has a tattoo, we digressed :001_rolleyes:
  • BaggybooksBaggybooks Experienced Mentor Posts: 522Registered
    Ah yes. Tattoos.
  • X5wranglerX5wrangler Well-Known Posts: 170Registered
    So baggy, do you have a tattoo?
  • BaggybooksBaggybooks Experienced Mentor Posts: 522Registered
    Haven't had one done at work, if that's what you mean.
  • CJC77CJC77 Feels At Home Posts: 62Registered
    Hi - I work for a pension company and the majority of clerical staff are young, with management all being 40+

    I have 3 tattoo's on my arm and one on my shoulder blade and in the summer i wear vest tops and show them off - most people are fascinated by them and come for a closer look. One girl has 3/4 sleeve tattoo's and has on occassions shown them off in the summer as well - I guess I am lucky to work for an open minded company. A few of us have also had hairstyles a bit on the extreme side as well (colour and style!)
  • PrimblePrimble Experienced Mentor Posts: 734Registered
    great company


    I want a tatoo and work would be fussed if I got one as most people do. Infact my work is so laid back I have pink (well came out more red) on died jet black hair. They all think its "sexy". Mind you i'm 19 and don't see customers. They would have a problem with sales people having pink hair but then again knowing my MD he wouldnt care and dye his as well
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