BPP or Kaplan?

jennifergoodchild Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸
Hi all,

I am considering distance learning for my Advanced Certificate AAT as I prefer to study alone rather than in a classroom.

Can anyone offer advice as to who to study through? Do they offer you much support while studying?

thanks in advance!



  • bonnie
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    Hi Jen,
    I am studying from home, and have just taken my first exam at certificate level. I'm with Kaplan - their textbooks have a lot of mistakes in them, which really confused me at first and really hindered me...but saying that, the tutors are very nice and are always there at the end of the phone or email. I can't really comment on BPP, I did some research before I signed to Kaplan and BPP didn't have very good feedback - although they may have improved.

    I'm studying from home as the only place that offers the diploma route is 15 miles away (Kaplan again) and costs a fortune, it is much cheaper for me to learn from home, plus I'm hoping to do the whole course up to technician level in just over a year rather than 3 years - well that's the plan:tongue_smilie:
  • hanapospis
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    I have started the advanced level with Premier Training two months ago. I cannot complain at all so far. I have sent them already two short tests which ware returned in less then 6 working days. The tutor is very helpful.

    I did the Certificate level at College in London and took exam on Tuesday. However the College is only 10 minutes away from my flat I have decided for home study. The college seems to be very slow and a bit boring. The certificate level took one year (September - Jun) I think I could do it much faster.
    Now I want to take all exams in December (this is my current timetable with them) and from January, hopefully, start technician....
  • speegs
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    BPP EVERY TIME. I say this because I took my PTC exam yesterday and the BPP students were the only ones who knew how to treat redundancy.

    The BPP tutors are superb and have all the time in the world for their students.

    I highlly recommend them.

  • emmamac
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    Everyone seems to have a different opinion, I've looked at BPP, Kaplan and Premier Training and I can't decide which one to go for.

    I tried to get a price on BPP web site but could not get it to come up with distance learning prices only taught courses!

    Also I just don't know where I will be able to sit my exams, I am near Lancaster and even though BPP and Kaplan both advertise Preston when you go onto the centre details they are in Manchester. I have even rung the AAT and they were no help either.:confused1:

    Advise from anyone please.
  • s.jenni
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    I work in Lancaster and study Distance Learning with Kaplan, I travel to Manchester by Train to take the exams as no one else round here takes external candidates (those doing distance learning) not even the Kaplan centre at Preston.

    I like the Kaplan style of learning it suits me and I have been very successful with them which for me is the most important point. I have had issues with their Admin (failing to inform AAT of completed units and when I complained in writing they didn't even bother to respond) but what if I change to BPP and find their learning style doesn't suit me I am not sure I dare take the risk but I am loathed to give Kaplan anymore of my employers money.

    Everyone has good and bad points about their provider, I am not convinced that any are better than the others.
  • katsutlieff
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    Bpp have been for me pretty useless.

    If you are looking for a company that provides a quick response to queries and tutors that are familiar with their text books go elsewhere.

    The last time I had a query about a topic, I emailed, it took them five days to get back to me to tell me someone would deal with my query soon, at this point I had solved the problem myself.

    The only time I tried speaking with a tutor it was in connection to how they teach the cash book or rather their lack of instruction on the cash book! He was unable to help me because as he pointed out to me he was unfamiliar with the BPP textbooks as he hadn't used or looked at them before so he couldn't help.

    I am beginning to think all the service providers are much the same, it all depends on your experience with them. I'm sure some people have found them very useful. I may change for the advanced stage, and try Kaplan who seem a little better but who knows.

    Sorry not to be mcuh help

  • lisagreenwood
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    I am studying from home through Kaplan, Leeds and have had no problems with them at all. I have just sat 2 exams in June and found the tutors at Kaplan extremely helpful when I had any queries. Progress tests did take a couple of weeks to be marked and sent back to me, but I think you would find that pretty much the same everywhere.

    All in all, no complaints, just hope I pass the exams and will carry on with further units.
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