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purshase ledger clerk

mahdi87mahdi87 Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 121
hi guys i just wona know somthing about purshase ledger cleck what do u do in that sort job isit double entry bookeeping????


  • phunkyphantom22phunkyphantom22 Well-Known Registered Posts: 166
    I've never done a purchase ledger role, but as far as I am aware that sort of job will be doing tasks like entering received supplier invoices on to the system, which will involve double entry (although you may not see it directly - you may simply add the invoice on using an accounting package and the double entry happens "behind the scenes" in the system).
  • lesscilessci Well-Known Registered Posts: 180
    I did some purchase ledger in my last job, where it envolved issuing Purchase Order Numbers, matching invoices to the PO's coding of invoices and appling to the accounts system, chasing for proof of delveries invoice quireies and credit notes, plus other jobs as required by the company. I know that some PL jobs also require you to process the /BACS/Cheque payment runs too.
  • mahdi87mahdi87 Well-Known Registered Posts: 121
    taa guys thanks for giving an idea on what i searching for i apreciate that :001_smile:
  • speegsspeegs Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 854
    Hi Guys

    I am an assistant accountant who has complete responsibility for the purchase ledger of my company in the UK and Ireland. The only double entry I have ever come across has been during the posting of the month end accruals and prepayments. However, I don't know if it is usually the PL clerk that does this or if it is just me.

    Speegs :thumbup1:
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