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marking scheme - how does it work?

blacksheepblacksheep Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 56
When i'm doing PEV questions, esp ones on fixed overhead variances, sometimes i pick up the wrong numbers in the first part of the question - i end up with the correct answer at the end anyway, and it all balances when i come to the statement of the standard/actual cost of production.
How will this be marked? do you lose many marks for that, or is it ok if you keep carrying the same number forward, and the answer makes sense using it?
Otherwise, i'm getting good marks on the numerical bit (don't start me on the written stuff i hate it!), so its really frustrating to keep making silly mistakes!


  • RichardRichard Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 373
    You will only get penalised once for using your own figure - if you then carry this figure forward to other questions, providing that you apply it correctly, you should still gain some marks because you have been able to demonstrate to the examiner that you know the correct technique.
  • blacksheepblacksheep Feels At Home Registered Posts: 56
    Thanks, that's what i wanted to hear! back to the old slog, then. :001_smile:
  • welshwizardwelshwizard Trusted Regular South WalesRegistered Posts: 465
    also be aware that they don't take marks off you but you can fail to gain marks - there is a significant difference.
  • blacksheepblacksheep Feels At Home Registered Posts: 56
    i would assume that failing to gain marks is better than losing them?
    in any case, i'd rather not do either but i am mildly reassured that at least you only lose it once.
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