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I was recently contacted by an Accountancy firm asking me if I'd like to be interviewed for a Trainee Accountant role (I'd sent them a letter asking about vacancies back in June and they'd retained my details). I jumped at the chance and now have my interview on Monday, and I'm absolutely bricking it! I want this job like I've never wanted anything in my life before, but I'm scared of the interview because I've no accounts work experience (I just have my AAT Level 2 completed) and I'm worried they might ask me all sorts of technical questions that I won't be able to answer because it's not something I've ever done as a job. Does anyone know what sort of questions I might be asked in this sort of interview? Any tips anyone could give me would be much appreciated! :-)


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    Bestr advise is to Google trainee accountant interview questions and practice your answers!! theres some good stuff on the net about this
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    Hopefully they won't want you to have a great deal of experience as it's a trainee role. You may be able to highlight where you've done financial duties in previous job roles, I mentioned cashing up tills/banking the cash in my first accounts interview.

    You can also bring up skills you have learnt as part of your AAT. Along with the technical skills, they will want to know that you are trustworthy and dedicated, you could mention confidentiality and how you have studied the AAT off your own back.

    As per the previous post, it's sometimes worth also googling Interview tips to get all of the basics. Ie where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    Best of luck
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    I don't think they are likely to ask any technical questions to be honest, otherwise they would not state the role as a trainee position. However I am sure it will be a good opportunity for you to put accross your knowledge so far and maybe chuck in a few 'buzzwords' for good measure (aslong as you can back them up with sound knowledge).

    I had an interview for an apprenticeship position way back when I still didn't know what I wanted to do. From what I can remember there were no direct questions about accounting, just generalised ones like strengths/weakness's,why I wanted the job, where I wanted to be in X years time, etc. I got the job so I guess on those questions alone they thought I was suitable.

    Good luck by the way, and remember to smile in the interview :)
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    I've only once been given a test at interview, and it was a simple debit/credit thing.

    For a trainee position they'll probably be looking for someone who can fit in to their culture, so be your best professional self, with plenty of eye contact. Do your research on the company, if you haven't already, and think of some questions to ask the interviewer (not about holidays, parking, hours or anything else self-serving). Showing an interest in the company always gives a good impression.

    You're very likely to be asked why you want to work for them, why you're studying AAT, what you will do next, where you see yourself in the next 5 years.

    Have a back-up plan for if they throw an awkward question at you. I once said something like "Oh that's a swine of a question", and the interviewer laughed, so it gave me time to think, helped develop a rapport and the interview was successful.

    Best of luck.
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    Good luck for Monday... You might want to read this article :
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