Which version of excel do test centres use?

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I've just started working through my spreadsheet software books and have been enjoying doing the tasks on my work computer on which I have office 2003. Obviously this version of excel is old now, but I'm used to where everything is on it so to speak. I have tried doing some of the work on my home laptop but I have never used excel on it before and it only has a starter version of 2010 which is completely different to what I'm used to. Now I'm panicing about what version the test centre will use when I come to sit my exam, I know the books are based on excel 2007 so is this the version they will use? I don't want to spend all my time just trying to find out where the functions I need actually are.

For those of you who have sat your spreadsheet software exams what version of excel did the centre use?



  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Gems

    When I sat SPSW my centre had Excel 2003 however a friend of mine sat her SPSW assessment after me and the centre had upgraded to Excel 2007.

    I think the best course for you is to contact the centre where you plan to sit your assessment and ask them which version they use so you can better prepare yourself.

    Good luck!

    JC :o
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    Jo Clark wrote: »
    I think the best course for you is to contact the centre where you plan to sit your assessment and ask them which version they use so you can better prepare yourself.

    This is definitely the way to go. I didn't find out in advance and the Kaplan test centre I sat my exam at used excel 2010. Most of my excel experience is through work on excel 2007 but fortunately we have 2010 at home and I had done some revision on the home laptop so it wasn't too much of a shock.

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    I would definately contact them as we used Excel 2010, the college upgraded 2 weeks before we took exam.

    Good luck

  • guinea pig
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    Hi Gems,
    Definately contact the centre, the college where I study recently upgraded to Office 10, which looks scary at first, but you soon get the hang of it. If you are studying at a college, they probably have a library where you could practice on their current version. If you have started on 2007, the centre may keep that loaded on their computers up to a cut off date. However, looking forward, it may be in your interests to get the latest study book, and take the exam on the latest software.
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    I did my with kaplan and it was 2007 version - thats what osborne go by. I would ring your chosen centre and check with; its the sensible thing to do without delay.


  • *Gems*
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    I've ended up buying a copy of excel 2010, used my student discount so managed to get it cheap and thought it was best so that I was familiar with a more recent version of excel rather than go into an exam only knowing how to use 2003 and spending so long trying to find where everything is. I will also ring the test centre when I book in to find out what version of excel they are using.

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